short story of determination.

My short story of determination.

Raised in poverty and having no dad to look up to. I was the oldest of 8 children,and having a lot of responsibility.I started working partime at age 12 while still going to school. After graduating I joined the Army. Then married and  had two sons then 13years later we divorced and remarried another lady with two daughters .  I was able to start a handyman business and then turn that into my own contracting company. Along with running my business, I did many other part time jobs just to be able to provide for my family.

At age 68 I retired and tried to start making some income online. I had no skills in network marketing and found it very difficult to find any programs that I could follow and make money. It’s now, in the present, and I have a business I can promote, I have  mentors to guide me and today I still have that drive and desire to make my dream come true.

Earl Baldwin

A major change has taken place after I learned how to get rid of the negative things around me and start a new way of thinking. Self talk which is auto-suggestion has trained my mind to focus on positive words and thoughts. Through prayer and meditation, doors are opening  and small goals are becoming a reality. As the scriptures say “Seek and you will find, Knock and the doors will be opened, ask and you will receive.”


Usually optimistic;

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