Re kindle your imagination with that drive you had as a kid. Spend some time thinking things like( what if, could it be possible to, how can I) to bring back that imagination spirit.
Remember how you used to daydream and then someone would say stop daydreaming and pay attention. Were you actually having a dream during the daytime or were you using your imagination? My guess is you were thinking about possabilities in the future. Running thoughts through your mind of future life and how changed it would be. Many of us are so focused on our immediate activities that we loose our time for daydreaming (or imaginative thinking).
Imagination is only one of the tools we have that our brain uses to make the kind of life we live.

If you want to succeed you will find a way, If you are content where you are you will find an excuse.
Learn the tools for a successful life.


Usually optimistic;

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